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Classes Available for You to Choose

At Kidz Are Us Training, you can choose from a wide variety of topics, everything from No Injuries on My Watch! to Sneezes to Thumb-sucking - Who Gets the Germs?  

And if your staff is already familiar with the basics, they might prefer It's Just Science, Don't Be Afraid!

I also offer the required 40-hour Director Training, if that's something you or your assistants need.

Most of my classes last for two hours, but some are longer, so you can schedule one for an evening during the week, or a Super Saturday where you can get many hours at one time! It's totally up to you!

Isn't this the way training should be? On your schedule, at your location (if you prefer) or another convenient site nearby. Reasonable prices, realistic training, close to home. What could be better?

NOTE:    Prices are for each participant in the Class. Credit cards and cash accepted.
Classes may be held at your center, my home office, or another nearby location.

To schedule your Kidz Are Us Training, 
call Joanne at 404-597-7260. Or send an e-mail to
(I'd love to talk with you!)