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Classes Offered by Kidz Are Us Training
"Health & Safety Orientation Plus First Year Basic Six Training"                                    8 hours                    $20 each (Beg)
Learn vital information or refresh your knowledge to ensure that the children you care for have the healthiest and safest environment.
(This class serves to fulfill both the requirement for the Health & Safety Orientation, a 6-hour class and  the basic first year classes, that are also 6-hours)

First Year Classes (these are required for all first-year providers):

"Information You Must Know About Child Abuse"                                                        2 hours                    $10 each (Beg)
Child abuse leaves lasting scars. Learn to recognize abuse and save a child's self esteem, ability to have healthy relationships, and socially connect.

"No Injuries on My Watch!"                                                                                                     2 hours                     $10 each (Beg)
​Learn to recognize that every accident has a cause and a consequence. We will debate why injuries generally occur when…

"Sneezes to Thumb-sucking - Who Gets the Germs?"                                                        2 hours                    $10 each (Beg)
This class will provide and enhance your skills as child care professionals to protect the health of children in child care, which is our number one concern.

"Caregiver Fire Safety"                                                                                               2 or 5 hours                $25 each Beg)
Provides the adult working with children basic information about fire safety. They will then be able to provide their children with a minimum level of protection from fire.
Follow-up Classes Offer a Wide Range of Topics:  


Creative Exercises for a Quality Learning Center"                                                               6 hours                    $30 each (Int)

"Guidance and Help with GELDS Lesson Plans"                                                                6 hours                     $30 each (Int)
Apply this detailed knowledge to help create lesson plans that generate thoughtful and appropriate standards for children at all levels of development.

"Give Me a Chance to Learn Too!                                                                                            2 hours                    $15 each Beg)
We will focus on creating a culturally responsive classroom that invites interaction as well as reactions instead of on the challenges of second language teaching.

"No toys; no money; no problem!"                                                                                          4 hours                     $25 each (Int)
Where are all the toys and what is that stuff? Learn how children will concentrate intently to develop their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional abilities!

"Strengthening Families Georgia: An Effective Approach                                                2 hours                     $10 each (Beg)
to Supporting Families and Communities"     
 Learn to apply the five protective factors in your everyday work. Explore Strengthening Families Georgia efforts to embed the factors into family serving agencies.                                        

"Strengthening Families Through Concrete Support in Times of Need"                       2 hours                     $10 each (Beg)
This Strengthening Families Georgia workshop explores barriers to meeting families' basic needs, assessing crisis situations, and linking families to resources through concrete support.

Strengthening Families Through Knowledge of Child Development"                        2 hours                     $10 each (Beg)
This Strengthening Families workshop for parents and professionals will explore ways help parents build their parenting skills and better understand children and their behavior. 

"Strengthening Families Through Parental Resilience"                                                     2 hours                     $10 each (Beg)
This Strengthening Families Georgia workshop helps child and family serving professionals to promote parental resilience every day in families through regular practice, making assessments of the parents' situation, and following-up with parents. 

"Strengthening Families Through Social Connections"                                                     2 hours                     $10 each (Beg)
This Strengthening Families Georgia workshop will provide family serving agencies with practical ideas based on sound research to strengthen families through the protective factor, social connections. 

"Strengthening Families Through the Promotion of Social and                                       2 hours                     $10 each (Beg)                 
Emotional Competence in Children" 
 Based on the Strengthening Families Initiative, this training focuses on how to promote social and emotional competence in children through meaningful interactions with families. 

"Let's Play All Together Module 1-Foundations, Policy and Identification"                  2 hours                     $10 each (Int)            
Participants will review definition of inclusion, learn about the law and policy related to inclusion, discuss screening, identification and eligibility of children with disabilities.

"Let's Play All Together Module 2-Understanding and Facilitating                                2 hours                     $10 each (Int)
Communication and Interaction"
Participants will learn about the inter-connectedness of developmental domains, early language and communication delays, strategies to support language and social emotional learning

"Let's Play All Together Module 3-Young Children's Play: A Context for                      2 hours                    $10 each (Int)
Learning and Development in Inclusive Settings"
Participants will review play categories and learn about the role of play as a vehicle for assessment an interventions in play for children with disabilities

"Let's Play All Together Module 4-Partnering with Families and Providers                  2 hours                     $10 each (Int)
Learn the importance of partnering with families, strategies addressing family concerns, strategies collaborating with therapists and professionals supporting the child, early childhood professionals developing and implementing IFSP/IEP

"Georgia DECAL Rules and Regulations: Transportation"                                               2 hours                     $15 each (Beg)
Specifically developed to increase awareness and knowledge of the need for child care providers to transport children using current best practice recommendations.  

"Multiculturalism: Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?"                                                                 2 hours                      $10 each (Int)                  
Prepares participants to apply cultural knowledge that they are exposed to in their surroundings; strengthening the concepts of similarity and difference while creating trust. 

"Nutrition and Physical Activity: The Silent Crisis"                                                          4 hours                         $25 each (Int)
​Prepares the participants to recognize and translate the appropriate information that can help our children to have a healthier future by developing a healthy body.

"Exercise Your Brain-Play"                                                                                                       4 hours                          $25 each (Beg)
This class provides the explanation for parents and others who remark, "the children just play all day - they need to be learning something!"

"It's Just Science! Don't be Afraid"                                                                                        2 hours                           $15 each (Beg)
Teachers can learn ways to enhance and encourage children's natural disposition of intellectual curiosity and interest in their environment in just a few easy steps!

"Communicating With Your Hands"                                                                                     2 hours                            $10 each (Beg)
Demonstrating and exploring the basic hand signals of the American Sign Language (ASL) to make it possible to communicate with preverbal and nonverbal children.

Other Classes:

"40-Hour Director Training"                                                                                                  40 hours                            $350 each (Beg)
Fulfills the Bright From the Start/State of Georgia requirement for directors. Usually given in five eight-hour sessions. Also includes five hours of on-site technical assistance per center.
(Requires three participants or class may be cancelled.)

 CPR/First Aid:
"American Heart Association"   (Usually takes about 4 hours - no state credit given)                                        $40 each